Tuesday, June 5, 2012

REACH 1,000 X 4 people.

Malaysian Ceylonese Congress..Sri Petaling Branch       has a monthly A3 newsletter of events and articles in brevity covering religion, culture, language and of general interest.

The 8 bottom corners of the four A4 pages will be space of     "name card size" for advertisements to promote your trade or business. Rates are as follows in one colour printing.

Pg 1& Pg 4 has 2 advtg slots @          RM100 each. 
Pg 2 & Pg 3 has 4 advtg slots @           RM80 each.

1000 copies goes into homes of members and the community. You get 1,000 to 4000 people looking at your advertisement.

Can you reach 1000 people for RM100/= or RM80/= ?

                                                               Kindly contact K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762

www.facebook.com/mccsripetaling could be of interest to you.