Friday, March 20, 2009



Unemployed, under-employed or recently graduated Malaysian citizens
with a diploma or degree from a local institution, and a CGPA of 2.5 or higher, are encouraged to consider opportunities in the BPO Sector.

SCICOM (MSC) Bhd has been engaged to assist the Government recruit, educate, and place qualified Malaysian Graduates into companies in the BPO and Contact Centre Industry. Government scholarships are available for qualified applicants.

Please call 03-2162 1088 (week-days, 9-30 am to 5-30 pm) and enquire about "Job Camp" for details.

(This announcement was communicated to MCC
by Mr S Subramaniam, Mobile: 012-289-7179).

Thursday, March 12, 2009


YEAR 2009 INTAKE by INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE commences in June. Those below 26 years of age and with a pass in SPM at level 8D in E can apply. Of the 27 skill training institutes all over the country,21 of them (ITI'S and ILP's)conduct training up to Level. Forms 3 and 4 may also apply.

Benefits are free accommodation; free meals; RM100/-per student as monthly allowance 70% practical training; 30% theoretical; full sports facility.

37 courses are offered at certificate level, and one at diploma level.Course duration is 6 - 24 months, on chosen 8 months No loans needed. No give back. Sponsored by our government.

MORE INFORMATION: Manpower Dept; Ministry of Human Resources; Tel:03-88865000
Level 6; Block D4; Parcel D;
Federal Government, 62502 Putrajaya.


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8.3.2009 South Temples Visit

8th MARCH 2009 was an interesting day for the Malaysian Ceylonese Congress,
Sri Petaling branch. Members and friends totalling 44, used this Sunday for a day trip south of Kuala Lumpur, and straight into Muar. Call it a religious or social outing.

NAGAAMMAN TEMPLE was the temple visited in Muar. The flight of steps were thread upon cautiously, up the caves, where with cooped palms in prayers, offerings were made, and the priests blessings sought with several "archanais" taking place. Coming down a different flight of steps, surprise awaited us.

Welcoming us at temple grounds was MCC Gen Secretary and Muar Branch Chairman Mr.Vijayakone, with his Muar committee members. Ceyloneses tradition is to give a "gift" to your visitors. The Muar MCC branch, gave each a t-shirt to remember the day and visit.
All had good lunch, and as the Muar team went home, the group of 44 moved to Malacca.

KAJAPURAM TEMPLE Jwelcomed us with a crowd of 3,000 or more devotees. It appeared so that way, and not known to any of us, that day was a Hindu religious ceremony day. The religious crowd, had an extra 44. So, did all the 50 commercial stalls.

DIVINE INTERVENTION has its ways. We were advised not to go to the Famosa or Malacca
town, as the holiday crowds had caused massive traffic jams. So, it was straight to Seremban's VAL MUNISWARAN TEMPLE. The entire tour group was reluctant to leave this very religious binding temple. It was strong enough to hold us in the temple longer and was not in our schedule for visits. We were late for poojas, and perhaps the last group of people for the day in Val Muniswaran temple. All was good in this trip. No mishaps. God's blessings took the group to 4 temples on a Sunday.

Thank you M.Ganesh and Malar (committee members), for the effort in organising this second trip. The first was to Maran Temple. We hear, that you both are planning for us to go to SITIAWAN, or is it "CITY in Awan".