Thursday, November 5, 2009



MCC SRI PETALING's Second Annual Dinner will be be celebrated at MEDIA HOTEL, Tropicana Merchant Square in PJU 3, Petaling Jaya.

The evening dinner function between 7pm-12am, with 80 diners will enjoy either a vegetarian or non vegetarian dinner of their choice. The evening function will have a spectre of fun filled activities ranging from games to lucky draws.

12 of the early birds that evening could, qualify for a gift each. Do arrive before 7.15pm.

As a new feature, you are invited to bring a gift or gifts, to play a game with the diners. YOUR GAME<>YOUR PRIZE. (Tell the chairman before dinner commences, the content of your game and prize offered).

All 80 diners return home with a goody bag and contents worth RM!!!. WHY WAIT?
Confirm your seats required at prepaid RM50 per person for your branch or yourself.

Please call Branch Treasurer Rasamani @012-2312016
or Branch Chairman Thiruselvam K @016-3712762
All correspondence to

Do you have a corporate give-away like 100 pens or 100 diaries (2010) or
100 towels or 100 key chains or 100 memo-pads or 100 anything else that promotes your business, give us a call for collection. We can place them into the bags for diners and well wishers.