Monday, August 10, 2009


MALAYSIAN CEYLONESE CONGRESS- Sri Petaling Branch always get involved in a variety of activities initiated by themselves, or by the Head Quarters.

MCC FOOD & FUN FAIR organised by the HQ on 9th August 2009, was another such event. Adding to its success was the booth set up by the Sri Petaling Branch. We were given the best the entrance. No visitor for the day, missed its grandeur.

Spread three tables across was a grand table coloured banner telling who we were. On the table were a spectrum of products for sale. Choosing to be eco-minded, the branch had about 50 pots of plants....rose, curryleaf, bitter gourd, "kud-pura-valli", and in-door leafy plants for sale. Not forgetting a likely favourite of many, 12 "sev-illani" coconut shoots were also on sale.

"SALAM WANITA" may be someone else's social care project. However MCC SRI PETALING had already chosen long ago to help this project meant for home bound single mothers with "special" children to succeed. Accordingly, we had on table 30 pieces of trinklet boxes, trays, photos keeping containers and some other for sale.....all crafts made of magazine pages.

On sale was the TAMIL ALPHABET CHART with a 16 page book,which carries glimpses on the great scholars, sages, and little thought of aspects of Tamil Language.
(Many did not believe that Google had 1,420,000 entries on "APPAR". We do not know, how many went home and woke up Appar on Google).

Not forgetting MERDEKA, we had the flags for car on sale.

With 10 coupon books purchased by a well wisher, MCC Sri Petaling, brought day of fun, food and joy to 10 children.

At about 3.30pm, the table was empty..........ALL SOLD. Two volunteers Mrs.Ho Yok Suan and Mr.Thiruselvam managed the booth, with help from Mr. Theiviendran and Mrs. Rasamani, and Mrs. Vasantha.

It was an eventful day, and as the coloured table banner was folded for another occasion in future, MCC Sri Petaling was glad to have done its share, for the success of the day's function.