Tuesday, December 8, 2009



The organising committee decided to hold the event away from Sri Petaling, and Media Hotel in Tropicana Merchant Square in Petaling Jaya, became the choice venue. It was a nice and spacious space to accomodate 80 well wishing diners for the evening.

The evening saw a different start.

Diners were requested to come in as early as 7pm to participate in the WORDS COMPETITION. This was a special one hour for early birds to tap the brains of the other diners at the table. 12
participants had the opportunity to win an OXFORD Paperback Dictionary with Thesaurus worth RM48/= each. All that they had to do, was to make as many words as possible, using only the alphabets from the word "C E Y L O N E S E". (Go ahead and try at home or in the office).

At 8pm sharp was a simple WELCOME GREETING, which was quickly followed by a traditional Indian dance by Ms Durkeswary. Dinner started on time with good helpings for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Branch Chairman K.Thiruselvam in his short speech, highlighted that the Branch is quite involved in social and community development work like Tamil language classes, and in a charitable project like Salam Wanita to help disadvantaged mothers sell their crafts. The volunteer spirit is so little and that the same people are doing most of the tasks. On a lighter note, he added that last year was only 40 diners and this year it is 80 diners.

Another dance, a modern was presented by both Ms Durkeswary and Ms................................

MCC President, Datuk Dr K Tharmaseelan then took to the rostrum in Tamil. This time in a short speech, he called for unison, co-operation and extention of self and time by members to their branches. Urging for more membership, Datuk could only say, "numbers mattered" and that the importance of 100% membership by the Ceylonese into existing or newer branches cannot be overlooked or set aside.

There was plenty of lucky draws and give aways. Datuk G Vijayanathan gave away the OXFORD Dictionary prizes to 9 winners. The dancers had their gifts of thanks from the committee.

Special mention was for Ms Amaravathy, a non Sri Petaling member who sold 10 tickets.
Two others, namely Mr Renatto from Ecuador who helped the committee the last two years and Ms Shaz from New Zealand were two recognised volunteers for their time and assistance.

Absolute credt was to Ganesh and Malar, two dedicated and committed members in the committee who sold 40 of the 80 tickets. SYBAS!

This is the right time to thank OXFORD PUBLISHERS for the dictionaries; SKALI for their bags and pens; ADABI for the 100 boxes of cooking and curry powder; KOS STORE for the table calendars; MIM for the 100 magazines; Ms Elsie for the "cars"; and Mr Nava for the three hampers

The evening ended at about 11.30pm, with everyone a goody bag to take home.

www.facebook.com/mccsripetaling could be of interest to you.