Tuesday, December 8, 2009



The organising committee decided to hold the event away from Sri Petaling, and Media Hotel in Tropicana Merchant Square in Petaling Jaya, became the choice venue. It was a nice and spacious space to accomodate 80 well wishing diners for the evening.

The evening saw a different start.

Diners were requested to come in as early as 7pm to participate in the WORDS COMPETITION. This was a special one hour for early birds to tap the brains of the other diners at the table. 12
participants had the opportunity to win an OXFORD Paperback Dictionary with Thesaurus worth RM48/= each. All that they had to do, was to make as many words as possible, using only the alphabets from the word "C E Y L O N E S E". (Go ahead and try at home or in the office).

At 8pm sharp was a simple WELCOME GREETING, which was quickly followed by a traditional Indian dance by Ms Durkeswary. Dinner started on time with good helpings for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Branch Chairman K.Thiruselvam in his short speech, highlighted that the Branch is quite involved in social and community development work like Tamil language classes, and in a charitable project like Salam Wanita to help disadvantaged mothers sell their crafts. The volunteer spirit is so little and that the same people are doing most of the tasks. On a lighter note, he added that last year was only 40 diners and this year it is 80 diners.

Another dance, a modern was presented by both Ms Durkeswary and Ms................................

MCC President, Datuk Dr K Tharmaseelan then took to the rostrum in Tamil. This time in a short speech, he called for unison, co-operation and extention of self and time by members to their branches. Urging for more membership, Datuk could only say, "numbers mattered" and that the importance of 100% membership by the Ceylonese into existing or newer branches cannot be overlooked or set aside.

There was plenty of lucky draws and give aways. Datuk G Vijayanathan gave away the OXFORD Dictionary prizes to 9 winners. The dancers had their gifts of thanks from the committee.

Special mention was for Ms Amaravathy, a non Sri Petaling member who sold 10 tickets.
Two others, namely Mr Renatto from Ecuador who helped the committee the last two years and Ms Shaz from New Zealand were two recognised volunteers for their time and assistance.

Absolute credt was to Ganesh and Malar, two dedicated and committed members in the committee who sold 40 of the 80 tickets. SYBAS!

This is the right time to thank OXFORD PUBLISHERS for the dictionaries; SKALI for their bags and pens; ADABI for the 100 boxes of cooking and curry powder; KOS STORE for the table calendars; MIM for the 100 magazines; Ms Elsie for the "cars"; and Mr Nava for the three hampers

The evening ended at about 11.30pm, with everyone a goody bag to take home.

www.facebook.com/mccsripetaling could be of interest to you.

Thursday, November 5, 2009



MCC SRI PETALING's Second Annual Dinner will be be celebrated at MEDIA HOTEL, Tropicana Merchant Square in PJU 3, Petaling Jaya.

The evening dinner function between 7pm-12am, with 80 diners will enjoy either a vegetarian or non vegetarian dinner of their choice. The evening function will have a spectre of fun filled activities ranging from games to lucky draws.

12 of the early birds that evening could, qualify for a gift each. Do arrive before 7.15pm.

As a new feature, you are invited to bring a gift or gifts, to play a game with the diners. YOUR GAME<>YOUR PRIZE. (Tell the chairman before dinner commences, the content of your game and prize offered).

All 80 diners return home with a goody bag and contents worth RM!!!. WHY WAIT?
Confirm your seats required at prepaid RM50 per person for your branch or yourself.

Please call Branch Treasurer Rasamani @012-2312016
or Branch Chairman Thiruselvam K @016-3712762
All correspondence to kts_tmc@hotmail.com

Do you have a corporate give-away like 100 pens or 100 diaries (2010) or
100 towels or 100 key chains or 100 memo-pads or 100 anything else that promotes your business, give us a call for collection. We can place them into the bags for diners and well wishers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Look at the collection of some pictures, we have put together. Our first annual dinner in 2008 was limited to 35 persons only and held in Sri Petaling. 2009 sees a bigger event in a bigger place, and is being held outside of Sri Petaling. VISIT MCC DINNER 06.12.2008 at this site.

5th DECEMBER,2009 would be MCC SRI PETALING's 2nd ANNUAL DINNER, to be celebrated at MEDIA HOTEL, Tropicana Merchant Square in PJU 3,Petaling Jaya. The evening dinner function between 7pm-12am, is expected with 80 diners. Besides the vegetarian/non vegetarian dinner, the evening function will have a spectre of fun filled activities ranging from games to lucky draws. You may call Ms V Rasamany @ 012-2312016 or Mr K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762 to confirm your seats. ONLY 80 SEATS AVAILABLE AT RM50/=.



Commonly known as the Festival of Lights, the celebration of Deepavali (or Diwali) marks the triumph of good over evil, the victory of light over dark.

It is celebrated by the Hindu community - mainly consisting those of Indian ethnic origin - during the seventh month of the Hindu lunar calendar. Usually it falls in either October or November, and is a one day public holiday in Malaysia.

Lighting up to celebrate the triumph of good over evil

It is not called the Festival of Lights for nothing.It is celebrated with great joy, bright lights and brighter smiles, as though to underline the traditional meaning and message behind it. VICTORY. Even the word "Deepavali" is etymologically derived from the Sanskrit word that literally means "row of lights".

Let there be light

Deepavali owes its origins to the epic stories narrated in the Hindu religious scriptures.Perhaps the most popular origin story is recounted in the Ramayana in which Lord Rama reunites with his wife Sita following a 14-year exile, and after having killed the demon king Ravana. In the epic tale, the denizens of the kingdom of Ayodhya celebrated the prince's triumphant return to his homeland and later, his ascension to the throne, by lighting up their homes and the streets with earthen oil lamps.

This happened on the night of the new moon and is commemorated hence, as the celebration of Deepavali. However, the story of Lord Rama's victory over Ravana is only one out of many that is said to have given rise to this annual celebration.

One other popular tale remembered during the occasion is that of the battle between Lord Krishna and the evil asura (demon) Narakasura. Krishna emerged victorious after a long and drawn-out struggle, and his victory was celebrated with the lighting of lamps.Yet others believe that Deepavali marks the day when the prideful and evil Mahishasura was vanquished at the hands of the goddess Kali.

Variations notwithstanding, these stories share a common thread; that of the removal of evil, to be replaced by that which is good. This sense of renewal is reflected in the way Hindus prepare themselves for Deepavali.

Spring cleaning

In anticipation of the celebration, homes as well as their surrounding areas are cleaned from top to bottom; decorative designs such as the kolam are drawn or placed on floors and walls; and the glow of lights, whether emitted from the traditional vilakku (oil lamps fashioned out of clay) or colourful electric bulbs, brighten up the abode of both rich and poor, signalling the coming festival.

Temples are similarly spruced up with flowers and offerings of fruits and coconut milk from devotees, becoming more abundant and pronounced as the big day draws closer.

The spring cleaning and decorating are significant for they not only symbolise renewal but also prepare for the welcoming of Devi Lakshmi, the goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, who is believed to visit homes and temples on the day. It is said she emerged from the churning ocean only days after the new moon of Deepavali.

Besides the cleaning of homes and temples, Hindus also prepare themselves by cleansing their bodies and minds. Many among the devout fast, or observe a strict vegetarian diet, and spend hours during the preceding weeks in prayer and meditation.

Celebrating goodness

This is also the time when past quarrels are forgotten, and forgiveness is extended and granted. On Deepavali morning, many Hindu devotees awaken before sunrise for the ritual oil bath. For some it is a symbolic affair (to signify purity) while others take full oil baths to remove impurities externally, as well as tone the muscles and nerves to receive positive energies. Then it's straight to the temples where prayers are held in accordance with the ceremonial rites.

The rest of the day is taken up by receiving guests, a very customary act, here in Malaysia. It is just not relatives, but all other races as well, meeting and celebrating in each other's homes. Indian delicacies, prepared days ahead besides mainly vegetarian meals are served to all well wishers of the day. In fact, Deepavali is the day to savour the many delicious Indian delicacies such as sweetmeats, rice puddings and the ever-popular murukku.


Monday, August 10, 2009


MALAYSIAN CEYLONESE CONGRESS- Sri Petaling Branch always get involved in a variety of activities initiated by themselves, or by the Head Quarters.

MCC FOOD & FUN FAIR organised by the HQ on 9th August 2009, was another such event. Adding to its success was the booth set up by the Sri Petaling Branch. We were given the best location...........at the entrance. No visitor for the day, missed its grandeur.

Spread three tables across was a grand table coloured banner telling who we were. On the table were a spectrum of products for sale. Choosing to be eco-minded, the branch had about 50 pots of plants....rose, curryleaf, bitter gourd, "kud-pura-valli", and in-door leafy plants for sale. Not forgetting a likely favourite of many, 12 "sev-illani" coconut shoots were also on sale.

"SALAM WANITA" may be someone else's social care project. However MCC SRI PETALING had already chosen long ago to help this project meant for home bound single mothers with "special" children to succeed. Accordingly, we had on table 30 pieces of trinklet boxes, trays, photos keeping containers and some other for sale.....all crafts made of magazine pages.

On sale was the TAMIL ALPHABET CHART with a 16 page book,which carries glimpses on the great scholars, sages, and little thought of aspects of Tamil Language.
(Many did not believe that Google had 1,420,000 entries on "APPAR". We do not know, how many went home and woke up Appar on Google).

Not forgetting MERDEKA, we had the flags for car on sale.

With 10 coupon books purchased by a well wisher, MCC Sri Petaling, brought day of fun, food and joy to 10 children.

At about 3.30pm, the table was empty..........ALL SOLD. Two volunteers Mrs.Ho Yok Suan and Mr.Thiruselvam managed the booth, with help from Mr. Theiviendran and Mrs. Rasamani, and Mrs. Vasantha.

It was an eventful day, and as the coloured table banner was folded for another occasion in future, MCC Sri Petaling was glad to have done its share, for the success of the day's function.

Monday, July 20, 2009


(This day event had to be kept on hold, because of the H1N1 fever, and the call by Health authorities to exercise caution in public activities).

This event has been set aside for MARCH 2010, and will be renamed as "SATU MALAYSIA" event.

HELLO……………..all MCC Sri Petaling Members, Sri Petaling residents, members of the many MCC Branches in Wilayah, Selangor and the country, and neighbourhood community, this MERDEKA 2010 as "SATU MALAYSIA" event.

In conjunction and to endorse the spirit of SATU MALAYSIA, MCC Sri Petaling is organising a WALKATHON... an event for all to walk together.

The walk begins at the open playground adjacent to Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Petaling and routes the ”walkathoner” through Jalan 5/149, Jalan 1/149E, Jalan 1/149H, Jalan Pikrama, Jalan Puteri Senggang, Jalan Merah Silu, Jalan 1/149G and back to the playground to finish off.

This 2 km. is a flat route with gentle uphill. Everybody is encouraged. Participants have to walk by and as near the side of roads and obey traffic and given rules.

The walk starts at 8am sharp. SIX different categories make the event.

SCHOOL BOYS 8 years and above but less than 20 years.
SCHOOL GIRLS 8 years and above but less than 20 years
MEN OPEN No age limit
WOMEN OPEN No age limit
MEN SENIOR VETERAN 50 years and above
WOMEN SENIOR VETERAN 50 years and above.
All participants completing the route within the set time limit
get a certificate of participation.

Submit the completed forms with the fees to
MCC Sri ’s Walkathon Organising Committee
Mr Mahadevan Jeyarajah 016-3867233
V P Nathan 012-6933668
Mr K Thiruselvam 016-3712762
Mrs V Rasamany 012-2312016 (ladies only)
CLOSING DATE: 30th January 2010
Other Event: Children’s colouring contest
GO AHEAD: Down load the application form, fill in and register for the event.




FULL NAME:.........................................................................Sex:Male/Female
(as in i.d)

NRIC No:.............................................. Date of Birth:..................... Age as at 06/09/09.............

Residence Address:.................................................................................................................................



Contact Tele Numbers: (1) H.Ph ..................................... (2) Res. ...............................................
Your e.mail address:..........................................................................................................................
I wish to participate in the ( )walkathon ( )colouring contest
presentable sports outfit for children aged 12 and below.
bring your colour pencils and back card
an A4 picture is given to you to colour
( ) men open ( )men senior veteran ( ) school boys
( ) women open ( )women senior veteran ( )school girls
I .................................................... agree to abide by the general rules and conditions
of WALKATHON. I declare that above details are correct, and I am physically
fit, and sufficiently trained to complete this WALKATHON by rules of walking competitions.
I ................................................... agree to allow.................................................... to
participate in the colouring competition.
PARTICIPATION FEES: Walkathon RM5/= Colouring Contest RM3/=
per participant.
CLOSING DATE: 20th August,2009
Participant's Signature :.....................................

Monday, June 29, 2009

HAPPENING, not happened

WHAT MAKES A BRANCH? Leaves, buds, blooms, the bark, twigs, ants, insect's and bird's nests and so on. Of course, the blooms attract butterflies, bees and the birds for it's nectar. The bigger birds perch on branches to rest or feast on the fruits.

Is the MCC SRI PETALING BRANCH active? Only, you can answer that.
If yes, think WHY? and if not, WHY NOT? It is a pity that drive and enthusiasm is missing.
Members have to be dragged in to be involved in the activities. Members seem to show hatred for projects and activities. They find it hard to attend the once monthly 2 hour meetings. they hate it all to warrant complaints and condemnations. Often, it is those not involved, who have more bad to say.

On the other hand, when there is a lack in activities, it is so easy to show hatred and condemn whoever you can, as incapable.

Make that change. Change is deliberate. It will not happen by chance. Choose to involve.
Choose to be different, positively. YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

9th August 2009 is the MCC FOOD and FUN FAIR , at the NUPW Plantation House in Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. MCC SRI PETALING has a stall as well, with items variety for sale. 50% of sales goes to the national fund and the other 50% goes to the branch fund. Coupon tickets are RM50 per book. How many books do you want? Call Ms Amara at
017-2115419 and pick your books (a few at a time. PAY CASH) Sell to as many of your friends, relatives and so on. Help make this event a success.
OUR MCC SRI PETALING booth will retail plants and products. Any contributions for the stall to sell. Must be stall worthy and can b sold. Call K.Thiru at 016-3712762.

GENERAL NOTES: The membership register is being updated, with the subscriptions due as well. We need the email addresses, plus complete mailing addresses We will call you to help
us update and bring in new members.

DO CLICK THIS SITE OFTEN. Interesting events would be coming your way.

Thiruselvam K

Saturday, June 13, 2009



18th July 2009- Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm

UEM Training Academy, Taman Ilmu UEM, 5A Jalan 51/217,
off Jalan Templer, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

a charitable institution is organizing this seminar
in conjunction with the 100th BirthdayAnniversary of its founder,
Swami Satyananda.
The full day seminar cost per participant is only RM40.00 each.
Be a participant cum contributor to the day's success.
8am: Registration 9am: Opening Prayer 9.10am: Welcome Address
9.15am: Chairman's speech. Keynote Address: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf .
10.15am: Tea/coffee break.

10.45am -12.20pm: SWAMI SATYANANDA - Outreach & Vision
Mr S Supramaniam leads with Datin Paduka Mother Mangalam,
Fr. Laurence Freeman, Fr.Sebastian Painadath
and Dr.Amir Farid bin Dato'Isahak. Q & A session.
12.30pm- 2pm lunch and prayers.
Dr Amir Farid leads with Prof Osman Bakar, Fr Sebastian Painadath,
Dato' Dr Victor Wee and Mr K Haridas. Q & A session
3.30pm -4.15pm "IMAM & THE PASTOR" Video Presentation.
Introduction by Mr K Haridas
Dr Rajamalar and Fr Laurence Freeman lead
4.30pm-4.45pm CLOSING ADDRESS
Dato Ghazali bin Dato Mohd Yusoff
Participants Registration At:
The Pure Life Society
Batu 6 Jalan Puchong
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-77829391 03-77851087 03- 77828303
Fax: 03-77851173 03- 77846020

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Application for Membership

MCC encourages and welcomes all eligible persons to join as an Ordinary or Life Member of MCC.

To join as a member, the following rules apply to the person seeking membership:-

i. Must be a Malaysian Ceylonese
ii. Age must be at least eighteen (18) years
iii. Fill in the prescribed form
iv. Form must be signed by person seeking membership
v. Form must be signed by a MCC member
vi. Form must be seconded by another MCC member
vii. Subscription
of RM52.00 for Life Member and Subscription Fee of RM10.00 for 5 years must be paid.

Enrollment form is attached below. Please fill up the form and send to the address below:

Malaysian Ceylonese Congress
[Sri Petaling Branch]
Postal Box 1120,
Jalan Semangat,
46870 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

or call one of us;
  1. K. Thiruselvam - 016 3712762
  2. A. Theiviendran - 012 4648956
  3. V. Rasamany - 012 2312016

Monday, April 6, 2009

To all MCC Branches. From MCC HQ

The MCC SINGLES NIGHT has been anounced.

This project is as requested by many members. The function will allow singles in our organisation and community to meet the other singles. An evening of fun,mingle and soialise in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Please visit our website http://mccsocial.blogspot.com

We are limiting to 100 partcipants.

We urge Branch Chairman to reserve your tickets immediately since we have to give them out on a first come first serve basis. We have already started receiving online registration within 24hours of launching.

Reservation can be made by clicking on our online registration through the above website or you may call MCC HQ 0362582458 or Ms Shamini 0133312727, Amara 0172115419, or
Rajes 0122363959.

Cn you contribute some lucky Draw prizes, Door Gifts or make any donation towards this event, please contact Ms Shamini at 0133312727 or the MCC HQ 0362582458.

Friday, March 20, 2009



Unemployed, under-employed or recently graduated Malaysian citizens
with a diploma or degree from a local institution, and a CGPA of 2.5 or higher, are encouraged to consider opportunities in the BPO Sector.

SCICOM (MSC) Bhd has been engaged to assist the Government recruit, educate, and place qualified Malaysian Graduates into companies in the BPO and Contact Centre Industry. Government scholarships are available for qualified applicants.

Please call 03-2162 1088 (week-days, 9-30 am to 5-30 pm) and enquire about "Job Camp" for details.

(This announcement was communicated to MCC
by Mr S Subramaniam, Mobile: 012-289-7179).

Thursday, March 12, 2009


YEAR 2009 INTAKE by INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE commences in June. Those below 26 years of age and with a pass in SPM at level 8D in E can apply. Of the 27 skill training institutes all over the country,21 of them (ITI'S and ILP's)conduct training up to Level. Forms 3 and 4 may also apply.

Benefits are free accommodation; free meals; RM100/-per student as monthly allowance 70% practical training; 30% theoretical; full sports facility.

37 courses are offered at certificate level, and one at diploma level.Course duration is 6 - 24 months, on chosen 8 months No loans needed. No give back. Sponsored by our government.

MORE INFORMATION: Manpower Dept; Ministry of Human Resources; Tel:03-88865000
Level 6; Block D4; Parcel D;
Federal Government, 62502 Putrajaya.
Web: www.jtm.gov.my
Email: jtm@mohr.gov.my


See earlier pages; nurses trg at Pantai
next: graduates ad computer trg. guaranteed

8.3.2009 South Temples Visit

8th MARCH 2009 was an interesting day for the Malaysian Ceylonese Congress,
Sri Petaling branch. Members and friends totalling 44, used this Sunday for a day trip south of Kuala Lumpur, and straight into Muar. Call it a religious or social outing.

NAGAAMMAN TEMPLE was the temple visited in Muar. The flight of steps were thread upon cautiously, up the caves, where with cooped palms in prayers, offerings were made, and the priests blessings sought with several "archanais" taking place. Coming down a different flight of steps, surprise awaited us.

Welcoming us at temple grounds was MCC Gen Secretary and Muar Branch Chairman Mr.Vijayakone, with his Muar committee members. Ceyloneses tradition is to give a "gift" to your visitors. The Muar MCC branch, gave each a t-shirt to remember the day and visit.
All had good lunch, and as the Muar team went home, the group of 44 moved to Malacca.

KAJAPURAM TEMPLE Jwelcomed us with a crowd of 3,000 or more devotees. It appeared so that way, and not known to any of us, that day was a Hindu religious ceremony day. The religious crowd, had an extra 44. So, did all the 50 commercial stalls.

DIVINE INTERVENTION has its ways. We were advised not to go to the Famosa or Malacca
town, as the holiday crowds had caused massive traffic jams. So, it was straight to Seremban's VAL MUNISWARAN TEMPLE. The entire tour group was reluctant to leave this very religious binding temple. It was strong enough to hold us in the temple longer and was not in our schedule for visits. We were late for poojas, and perhaps the last group of people for the day in Val Muniswaran temple. All was good in this trip. No mishaps. God's blessings took the group to 4 temples on a Sunday.

Thank you M.Ganesh and Malar (committee members), for the effort in organising this second trip. The first was to Maran Temple. We hear, that you both are planning for us to go to SITIAWAN, or is it "CITY in Awan".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma in Nursing under Pantai Medical Center. Fully sponsored for 3 years.
3 credit in BM, Mathematics, Science and pass in English.
Next Intake is in June!
Anybody interested can walk-in for interview at this address;

Summit Complex
Level 3,
Jalan Kewajipan USJ 1,
47500 Subang Jaya

or Call Umi at 03-80241757 / 03-80240757
Thank you!

Pusat Kesihatan Damansara

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


MCC SRI PETALING 8th March 2009
organises a day's bus trip to visit NAGA AMMAN TEMPLE in MUAR,
visit the FAMOSA in MALACCA and return via SEREMBAN's VAL MUNISWERAN TEMPLE visit.
RM55/per person for buscharge and insurance 16 seats booked as at 23.1.2009 and 24 seats available. Contact Ganesa Dass (017 2049388) and wife T.Malar (012-3401493). CALL NOW.


LANGKAWI: 4 days and 2 nights. 6.3.2009 to 9.3.2009
RM260.00 each (Friday) (Monday)
losing date: 28.2.2009 Details Mrs S sivamalar 014-6055116 03-62579464
Package Details: Bus leaves KL Sentral at 7.30pm on Friday 6.3.09

  • Arrive Ferry point early Saturday morning. Check into hotel.
  • Sight see and shopping.
  • Depart Langkawi on Monday morning to KL Sentral.
  • Package includes bus transport to Langakawi, Bus transport to places of interest in Langkawi, hotel accomodation (twin sharing and ferry charges.)
  • Meals and entrance fees to places of interest, NOT included.
  • PLACES of interest: Underwater world Langkawi




Saturdays 4pm-7pm Sundays 10am -12pm RM30 per student.

Mrs Amara 017- 2115419

MCC HQ: 75-3A-1, Jln Metro Perdana Barat 1,

Taman Usahawan, Kepong.


28th Feb 2009 2pm MCC HQ

Talk om BREAST CANCER and FREE breast cancer examination

RM10 per participant: snacks tea network.

Details Mrs Parimala 012-9745450 Mrs Amara 017-2115419







CALL K.THIRU 016-3712762


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


3rd January 2009.

GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU. A happier and more prosperous 2009 has arrived.

This blog site is the idea of our new secretary, MR. A Theiviendran PPN. We are the third branch, after Muar and Seremban to have a blog site. It is being kept interesting and for 2009, we have plans to make it lively and meaningful to exist.

DO LOOK AT IT REGULARLY. Please comment.

We had our FIRST BIENNIAL GENERAL MEETING on 3rd August 2008. The new committee is already active, and some changes in the committee members mix. This will be done in February 2009. The discipline and the the monthly committee meetings are promising, regular, well attended and RESPONSIBILTY is shown by all, every time.

MARAN TEMPLE: This new committee had organised a successful trip to MARAN temple and back on the 16th of November,2008. Ganesa Dass and wife T. Malar, saw to all the details, and brought in a profit as well.

CHINESE DINNER: A 8 course Chinese dinner was on 6th of December, 2008. 4 tables, 40 members and an evening of fun amongst us to know each other better. President Datuk Dr Tharmaseelan and deputy Dr. Sundralingam were present, in support of the Branch activity. This "DIWALI MAKAN" was taken care by Mrs.V Rasamany and Ms Belinda Ho. Taken well care of, this activity was also profitable.

MEMBERSHIP: Ganesa Das heads the membership development committee. All of you can help him to increase branch membership. Many more members needed. You can help.
For easir facilitation, we are pursuing membership fees of RM10 concept for 5 years or RM52 for life. Have the form filled correctly and in full. With collected fees, reach Ganesa Das at 017-2049388.

MARCH 8th 2009
Ganesa Das(017 2049388) and wife T.Malar (012-3401493) are again organising a one day trip to a temple in Muar, visit the Famosa in Malacca, and return via Seremban with another temple visit. 16 seats booked. 24 seats available. CALL NOW.

APRIL 2009
A 5km run in SRI PETALING is being organised. Details pending. Members and families of all other branches, are also invited to join the Sri Petaling residents to run the 5km run and get goody gifts. Member Mahadevan (016 3867233)(a sportsperson, himself) organises this event.

TAMIL LANGUAGE Classes in the country. Proposed 500 home tuition classes goes on. New teachers are registering. February would see an outburst in the local media.

"CEYLON"s IN MALAYSIA. How many Ceylon's are there in Malaysia. We know Menara Bukit Ceylon, Jalan Ceylon, and of Lorong Ceylon in Penang and in K.Lumpur. Is or was there a Ceylon Bar in Penang and a Kafe Ceylon Hill in Kualal Lumpur. What about Ceylon Bakery in Kuala Lumpur and a Ceylon Shipping Corporation in Port Kelang? The hint is given for you to look around, in your town and in your state. Send us pictures, and comments (notes). We can start a page or two and call it CEYLON IN MALAYSIA. Make our blogsite interesting for people to turn to. Any other themes? Please let us know.

2009 CHARITY. For the whole of 2009, MCC Sri Petaling members have adopted "SALAAM WANITA", a representative body for single mothers with "special children". In this scenario, the children are home bound, and need the mother's attention at all times. SALAAM WANITA has trained these mothers to become self dependant by weaving a range of baskets, using magazine pages. What they need are volunteers to identify locations, manage the sales of crafs, and to help the mothers earn an income. Thiruselvam would take the lead.

Meanwhile, keep in touch.
Increase the members, as you know there are ???000's of Ceylonese in the country, and only a miserable 5,000 are members, nationally speaking. Being a member, means being supportive. A larger congress, can stand majestic. Recognition and demands for the community and so on, come only AFTER WE HAVE THE NUMBERS. Having become a member, go along with the flow, be supportive, volunteer representation, lend a helping hand and so on. It is that kind of a mindset that wins.

Sri Petaling